Rediscovering C.V. Kunhuraman
  Hashim Rajan

Once upon a time, in Travancore, lived a legend called C.V. Kunhuraman. In appearance, he was short and lean; but, tall and broad in thinking. As the new adage goes: he was jack of all trades and master of everything!

Imagine! A person who had his formal learning upto standard eight, later to become a distinguished man of letters!!

Who was C.V. Kunhuraman?

C.V. Kunhuraman was a multifaceted personality who dominated the socio-political and literary - journalistic fields for six decades with wit and wisdom. He ventured into many facets of human activity. And won. Against all odds.

Renaissance leader. Social reformer. Writer. Editor. Founder of Kerala Kaumudi. Poet. Essayist. Fiction and short story writer. Critic. Historian. Lawyer. Orator.

Above all, he had a profound sense of humour and scores of limericks are credited to him. To name a few:അഭിപ്രായം ഇരുന്പുലക്കയല്ല!' is one and തൊഴുംതോറും തൊഴിക്കുകയും തൊഴിക്കുന്തോറും തൊഴുകയും ഇനി തുടര്‍ന്നുകൂടാ.' is another.

Born into a humble family in 1871 in Mayyanad, near Quilon, he had his formal education at the local Christian missionary school and English school. He studied only upto fourth form (equivalent to eight standard).


But learned classics like Mahabharatham and Ramayanam in earnest, which helped him to become an erudite scholar. He questioned superstitions of every sort in the most hilarious manner.

C.V., as he was popularly known, opened his journalistic career in Sujananadini, published from Paravoor, Quilon. His early writings were more on social affairs. Later, he became the sub-editor.

To launch a newspaper of his own was his all time-dream! In 1911, C.V. launched Kerala Kaumudi as a weekly newspaper. He was the proprietor - editor, printer, publisher and even the proofreader! Its sharp criticism, daring opinions and powerful language created a trend in Travancore.

C.V. was the editor of Malayalarajyam, Navajeevan, Kathamalika, Yukthivadi, Navasakthi and Vivekodayam. He had the rare distinction in Malayalam journalism: founder of Kerala Kaumudi and founder editor of Malayalarajyam.


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