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A many-splendoured personality in the modern history of Kerala in the late 19th and first half of 20th century, Shri. C.V. Kunjuraman was above all, a social revolutionary who followed the path lighted up by Shri Narayana Guru and poet Kumaran Asan. A writer of vast range and depth, an orator of repute, a journalist of polemical prowess, a social historian and a social reformer of avowed commitment, Shri Kunjuraman dominated the socio-political and literary fields of Kerala for over fifty years.

I belong to a generation which has grown up in the period of stir in the socio-political arena created by this captivating works - the biting sarcasm, moving short stories and thought-provoking articles. Though I never had an occasion to personally come into contact with Shri. Kunjuraman, I remember that when I stood first in the Travancore University for B.A.Hons. in 1943, it was flashed in the front pages of 'Kerala Kaumudi', as was also the subject of a sub-editorial. I recall that years later, it was again Kerala Kaumudi, founded by him, that published an article putting forward, for the first time, my name as a possible candidate for the Vice President of India.

I'm glad to learn that to mark the 130th birth anniversary of this legendary figure, a 'Smaranika' is being published, containing writings on, as well as, by him. On this occasion, I pay my tribute to the versatile genius of Shri C.V. Kunjuraman and wish the 'Smaranika' every success.

May the volume help the coming generations to understand him better and refresh the memory of those who knew him and have come under his spell.

August 7, 2000
New Delhi

K. R. Narayanan  


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