Historic C.Kesavan Hall, Pettah: Built by CKesavan in 1948 as the office of Indira Printing Works andKaumudi Weekly, edited by KBalakrishnan

Kaumudi Weekly and its staff members: CN.Sreekantan Nair, Assl Editor; KBalakrishnan, Editor;
Chandrika Balakrishnan, KKarthikeyan, Coloumnist

Historic get - together: KBalakrishnan and KKamaraj, Orief Minister, Tamilnadu

K Balakrishnan, the romantic

K Balakrishnan, the rebel

K Balakrishan, the erratic

K Balakrishnan, the genius

K Balakrishnan, the orator of repute

All in the family: Aysha Rajan,
K Balakrishnan, K Indirakutty at Thoppil House, Mayyanad
Made for each other ! Zenith Studio, Trivandrum, 1968:.KBalakrishnanand Aysha Rajan

A day in the life of KBalakrishnan, 1981, Bhadradeep, Pettah

KBalakrishnan and Chandrika Balakrishnan
K Vasanthi, the princess of CV.family: daughter of CV.Kunhuraman; wife of CKesavan; mother of
K Balakrishnan
The illustrious son of an illustrious father: KBalakrishnan at the writer's workshop

The front page of the first issue of Kaumudi Weekly, 1950 March 6
The front page of the last issue of Kaumudi Weekly, 1970 July, 20
�T.M Varghese and his wife

The Trimurthies of Travancore : T.M.Varghese, Pattom Thanupillai, CKesavan at Secretariate, Trivandrum, after swearing as Ministers in 1948
LaIithambika Antharjanam 1909 - 1987
The legendary mother and the legendary son with grand daughter, 1963 : Lalithambika Antharjanam, N.Mohanan, Saritha Varma
Masthead of Kerala Kaumudi | Message from President of India | First Press Interview in Malayalam

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